Managed Forex Accounts

Managed Forex Accounts will provide you the possibility to enter Forex Market with a dedicated team of professional traders that have extensive experience in markets analysis, developing/programming and algorithmic trading. Moreover, you will have a full control of your account and funds, as you do not send your money directly to a trader, but need to open an account with a Forex Broker instead. We deliver high success rate, short term and low stress competitive return on your investments. All published accounts are Real Accounts only.

Start Investing in Managed Forex Accounts and unleash the full potential of the other side of Artificial Intelligence and Algorithmic Trading!

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50% Performance FeeBased on High Water Mark

    10 000$ Minimum DepositAt Well Regulated Brokers

      Competitive ReturnAnd Low Drawdown

        We Drive Fast, Secure and Competitive Return on your Investment

        All accounts that we publish are Real Money accounts only and are verified by 3rd party monitoring website.

        Frequently asked Questions

        How do I Get Started?
        To start using our service simply use Contact Form on Contact Us page and let us know your intentions, or use any other contacting method your want like Skype or E-mail.
        At which Broker do I need to Open an Account?
        There are not many brokers that we use. You will receive a link to a Broker to open an account after you will contact us to open an account.
        Am I in control of my Account?
        You have full control of your account as you open account on your name at a Forex Broker and do not send any money to us. You can deposit/withdrawal funds at any time you want as well as you can start/stop our service by simply contacting us.
        What is your Trading Strategy?
        Our trading strategy is mainly based on news trading, however we have traders that also use day trading strategies. Most of our systems are algorithmic without any human intervention, except those times when our software needs to be turned off/on or tuned.
        How do you calculate Performance fee?
        Performance fee is calculated based on High Water Mark. For example if you deposit 2000$ and during first month we make 75% profit which is +1500$, we will charge you 50% performance fee which is 750$. After that your balance will reach 2750$ and next performance fee will be calculated on profit which is greater than 2750$.
        How do I pay Performance fee?
        Most of the time performance fee is paid by Skrill, but some of our traders will require you to pay by Paypal or Bank Wire. Some of our traders use PAMM accounts, where you do not need to send any money to 3rd party and performance fee is calculated and deducted by broker automatically. Fee is paid on the 1st date of each month or when your close your account.
        Do you accept clients from USA?
        No, we do not accept clients that reside or have USA citizenship.

        Fast Setup

        It usually takes not more than few hours to go from contacting us to have your account ready to trade. Contact us and receive instructions on how to proceed.

        Full Control

        You will have full control of your Trading Account, which means you can deposit/withdrawal funds and start/stop using our service at any time you want.

        Trading Strategies

        Our trading strategies are algorithmic and they have proven themselves in long-term during various market conditions.

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        Managed Forex Accounts is an alternative way to diversify your investment portfolio. There are thousands of traders offering Managed FX products, but only few survives in long term. For a self directed trader who invests in financial products as Stocks, Futures, Bonds, then Managed Forex Accounts would be an ideal tool to diversify. Stocks, Futures and Bonds are a ‘market type’ products where Forex is an OTC with ‘dark pools’ liquidity and other things you may never heard about. Therefore there are trading opportunities you might never thought existing. For a self directed Forex trader Managed Forex Accounts would be something to consider to use as Forex is not an easy game to play and it takes really much time and effort to become a successful Forex trader.There are thousands of traders offering their management services through PAMM Ratings, Autotrading platforms and their own websites, but only few survive in long term. Considering the fact that 98% of traders on Forex loose their complete investment, 1.5% is break-even and only 0.5% makes living out of it, Managed FX products could be not the last option to choose when getting involved with Forex. Investing in Managed FX products would help you to learn Forex Market in more safe and diversified way.

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